Our pricing packages for wedding car hire throughout Gloucestershire


''Can't recommend Richard enough. The car is stunning and looks amazing in the pictures. Amazing value for money too. Would definitely use his services in the future for my daughter's prom. Thanks Richard''

Tracy and Gary (tracy.d.rimmer@gmail.com)


At Richmond Wedding Cars we offer very competitive rates, achieved by not employing outside personnel. Richard, the owner, does all of the chauffeuring, so you can rest assured that everything will run exactly as planned for your big day. If two cars are required, Richard's son James will chauffeur the second car.



Basic Package: £155
This includes transport of the bride to the wedding venue, and includes all decorative ribbons and bows.  We shall remain with you as long as it takes for your photographs to be taken.
Deluxe Package: £230
This covers all of the above, plus onward transport to the reception, where we will wait for more photographs to be taken if you should so wish.  Once again, there is no time limit for our service.
With both packages, we offer an extra journey AT NO EXTRA CHARGE to transport bridesmaids before returning for the bride, if it is at all practical to do so.
Two Car Package: £305 or £380
A charge of £150 will be added to both packages if two cars are required. This represents particularly good value with the Deluxe package. 

Richard with the Chrysler and Jaguar

The spacious and comfortable interior of the Chrysler

The S-Type Jaguar, a modern classic